No More Backdoor Strategy with The New Mobile Legends Update!

Backdoor Mobile Legends no longer possible…

According to the most recent Mobile Legends patch note, backdooring is no longer possible. Those who are attempting to do this to win the game should not attempt to do it again. primarily because of the continual updates to the Mobile Legends game.

Backdoor refers to the ability of players to destroy turrets when there are no minions on the nexus. This is a strategy that is employed in eSports and was considered a winning strategy in the tournament.

However, this can’t be done anymore because of the recent patch by Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Patch Update: No More BackDoor!

You can see that in this new patch Base has a large damage reduction when there are no minions. As such, player can’t use the Johnson strats, Natalia Strats or even Faramis strats now. We have experienced for ourselves that it is very difficult to attack base when there are no minions at all especially heroes like Beatrix have reduced Wesker’s strength so that it is increasingly difficult to do so.

So, after this new patch is released, you can no longer do a backdoor where you have to push the minions to enter first so that the damage reduction will not be active and you can push the opponent’s base quickly.

It’s a shame for those of you who want the backdoor from the patch now it can no longer be used. But it’s quite a disturbing backdoor because of course it can be ended directly without the help of minions. What do you think?

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