OuterPlane, Isekai Hero Turn Based Mobile RPG, How to Download!

Outerplane is a new game developed by Smileport Megaport that is currently being tested on Android and iOS. Those looking for a new anime fantasy turn-based RPG-style game should definitely check it out. Outerplane is now available for download on Android, and iOS users can try it out using a PC emulator.

OuterPlane introduces us to a new anime RPG genre. whereas players take on the role of a character named ‘K’ who is summoned to kill the powerful enemies. However, after killing it, your companion, greedy for the core that can be used to become more powerful, murders the heroes with one of its friends. K, feeling betrayed by the sudden move, is saved by an automaton named Eva, who vows vengeance. Unfortunately, he loses his power while being saved.

For the gameplay, OuterPlane uses a turn-based RPG with a Cooldown system in which the player can tap the button accordingly to unleash a powerful spell. Each character that can be obtained by using gacha can have its own roles and element respectively. You can also use equipment and enchant to increase your weapon abilities.

Those that are interested in playing Outerplane, can download the game by using this link here!

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