Phantom Pirate Roger

Phantom Pirate Roger Epic Skins is Getting a Revamp

Mobile Legends has recently revealed the revamped version of its limited-time Epic skin for Roger – the Phantom Pirate. The skin was only available during certain periods, making it quite rare and sought after by fans. However, with the revamp, fans can now enjoy a more high-definition version of the skin.

Revamp Roger Phantom Pirate Skins Mobile Legends

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In the latest trailer released by Mobile Legends on its official YouTube channel, fans get a sneak peek at the new and improved skin. The overall look of the skin has been updated, with a more dominant black color scheme for Roger’s human mode, while the primary color remains light blue.

Although Roger is no longer as popular as he used to be, the revamp has definitely breathed new life into the character. While he may not be the top pick for junglers, he is still a strong character to use in the current patch. Players just need to be wise in utilizing his human and werewolf modes.

How Much is Roger Phantom Pirate Skins?

The Phantom Pirate skin is set to be released on March 21, 2023. While it is unclear how long it will be available for, fans can expect a 30% discount during the first week of its release. As for its price, the skin will cost 899 diamonds – just like other Epic skins in the shop.

Overall, the revamped version of the Phantom Pirate skin has been met with mixed reactions. While some fans prefer the original design, others appreciate the more high-definition look and feel of the new version. One thing is for sure, though – with its updated skill effects and overall look, the Phantom Pirate skin is definitely worth considering for any Roger fan out there.

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