Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep Lets You Feed Snorlax and Collect Pokemon

Are you ready to embark on a unique journey as a Pokemon Trainer specializing in sleep? Look no further than the newly released Pokemon Sleep app!

But is this app just a fun novelty, or could it actually be a useful tool to improve your sleeping habits? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

With Pokemon Sleep, you can track your sleep quality and receive a sleep score after each night. This score provides valuable insights into the quality of your rest.

To make things even more exciting, the app assigns you a Sleep Type, akin to a Pokemon character! Whether you’re labeled as a “Snoozing” Snorlax or a “Slumbering” Slowpoke depends on your movement patterns during sleep, cleverly recorded by the app’s audio monitoring feature.

Pokemon Sleep isn’t just about sleep scores and cute Pokemon characters; it also keeps an ear out for environmental noises that may affect your slumber.

By recording audio while you sleep, the app can help you identify issues like snoring or talking in your sleep, making it easier to address potential disturbances and improve your sleep quality.

As you prepare to doze off, the app offers a delightful selection of Pokemon-inspired music to accompany you into dreamland.

Pokemon Sleep Lets You Collect Pokemon and Bond with Snorlax

The real excitement in Pokemon Sleep lies in the morning surprises! Upon waking, you’ll discover a variety of Pokemon that gathered on your phone while you slept.

The Pokemon species you encounter are influenced by your Sleep Type and the duration of your rest. As you interact with these cute creatures, you’ll conduct essential research to complete your Sleep Style Dex.

And of course, what would a Pokemon sleep app be without the iconic Snorlax? Feed Snorlax the tasty berries your collected Pokemon generously provide, and you’ll witness rarer Pokemon with unique sleep styles making appearances in your daily encounters!

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