Pokemon Unite Cleafable

Pokemon Unite Clefable Skills, Explanation, and Gameplay

Clefable is one of the new Pokémon that will be featured in Pokemon Unite, expanding the list of Pokémon that can be played in the mobile MOBA game. Numerous gameplay leaks in the Pokemon MOBA game are connected to Clefable’s abilities in general. Here is some information about Clefable’s abilities and gameplay, should you be interested.

Pokemon Unite Skills – Clefable

Clefable is a fairy-type Pokemon that will be available in the game. It is one of the support-type Pokemon.

Passive skills

Magic Guard is a passive ability of Clefable that grants him a shield if he manages to replenish the Health of his allies proportionally to their remaining HP.

Skill 1

Pokemon Unite Cleafable

Clefable’s first skill is Heal Pulse, which may be learned at levels 1 and  3 can be used to heal her allies. At level 4, this skill can transform into two different skills, namely:


  • Clefable takes out an area large enough to regenerate her ally’s health point and her own. Using this skill will increase his movement speed.

Draining Kiss

  • Dealts damage to all nearby opponents. After that, the damage dealt will transform into a health regeneration that will be sent to the teammates with the lowest health.

Skill 2

Pokemon Unite Cleafable

Disarming Voice is a damage-dealing ability available to Clefable at level 1 that delivers damage to a limited area surrounding Clefable and slows the enemy’s movement speed. At level 6, this ability will transform into two different abilities, namely:


  • Clefable generates a gravity zone that modifies her basic attack and increases its damage. Gravity also creates a zone that slows the movement speed of nearby foes and prevents the usage of their dash ability.

Follow me

  • Clefable will sprint to its target destination, and all Pokémon it encounters will be provoked and attack it for a period of time.

Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Cleafable

Wonder Wish is a talent effect from Clefable that has a healing effect on adjacent Pokemon. The greater the heal gave to players, the lower their allies ‘ HP. In addition, players will receive a random skill such as Hydro pump, fly, and many others randomly.

The gameplay of Clefable Pokemon Unite:

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