Project BloodStrike, New FPS COD Warzone Like Games, How to Download!


Project BloodStrike is a new COD-like mobile FPS warzone game that will soon be available on Android and iOS. The game is published by NetEase Games and will be available soon. Those anticipating the new FPS game Project Bloodstrike can now download it from the link provided.

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Project: BloodStrike is a mobile roguelike first-person shooter that features a battle royale mode. There is no limit to the number of playstyles that can be created because you can combine different upgrade mods. You can create your own unique tactical core set by selecting operators that each have their own set of abilities.

You can earn money on the battlefield, which can be used to purchase weapons or even bring your fallen comrades back to life. Nevertheless, your primary objective is to make it through to the end alive!

Here’s how to Download Project: BloodStrike

Download Project Bloodstrike

If you have a problem finding the installer file, then you can click the link here to try and download the APK file:

For iOS Users players can also download and play Project Bloodstrike on PC by using an emulator:

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