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Project Mugetsu Legendary Orb Guide, Where to Find, Reroll List, and More

Welcome to the exciting world of Project Mugetsu! If you’re a fan of the popular Bleach anime/manga series, then you’re in for a treat with this Roblox game. In Project Mugetsu, you’ll get to play as a Soul and experience the thrill of becoming a legendary Shinigami or Hollow. But there’s one elusive item that players are always on the hunt for – the Project Mugetsu Legendary Orb.

If you’re still a little bit confuse about where to find this orb, then you are in the right place. Our guide contains all the information you need to know about this coveted item, including how it works and how to obtain it. So let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Project Mugetsu!

Project Mugetsu Legendary Orb

The most seek item in Project Mugetsu is undoubtedly the Legendary Orb, which grants players the ability to reroll various aspects of the game. As an avid player knows, getting a bad roll can be frustrating, but the Legendary Orb offers a solution.

There are several options available for rerolling, including resetting your Shikai, rerolling your Arrancar Hole, sword variant, Hollow mask, sword stance animation, Resurrection, or even your race, but here is the full list:

  1. Reset Shikai – Resets your Shikai (300 Robux)
  2. Reroll Arrancar Hole – Rerolls your Arrancar Hole (100 Robux)
  3. Reroll Sword Variant – Rerolls your sword variant (100 Robux)
  4. Reroll Mask – Reroll Hollow mask (125 Robux)
  5. Reroll Sword Stance – Rerolls Your sword stance (85 Robux)
  6. Reset Resurrection – Resets your Resurrection (300 Robux)
  7. Reset Race – Resets Race (350 Robux)

These options offer players the chance to change and improve different aspects of their character without having to start all over again. However, each option usually comes at a cost of a certain amount of Robux.

How to Obtain Legendary Orb?

The Legendary Orb in Project Mugetsu can be obtained through various means such as raids, bosses, and certain events. However, as a legendary item, it has a lower chance of dropping than other items, so obtaining it may require some farming and patience.

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