Project Zomboid Turn off Zombie

Project Zomboid How to Turn Off Zombie Respawn

Zombie Respawn in Project Zomboid can actually be turn off and disabled, here’s how to do that.

Project Zomboid is a survival game set in a zombie-infested world where players have to loot, build, craft, fight, farm, and fish to survive. It offers a hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map to explore, and a customizable sandbox. The tutorial helps new players to get familiar with the game. The ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible, being aware of zombies at all times, one bite is fatal.

Now, there are actually ways that can be done to turn off and disable the zombie respawn rate, and here is the tutorial on how to do that.

Here’s how to turn off and disable Zombie Respawn in Project Zomboid:

  • Sandbox Settings: Zombie respawn can be disabled when creating a custom sandbox Zomboid game. The settings can be found under the Advanced Zombie Options tab.
  • Respawn Hours = 0: This setting disables zombies from respawning in the game. By setting this value to zero, zombies will no longer spawn in the game world, allowing players to clear an area without the constant threat of new zombies appearing.
  • Redistribute Hours = 0: This setting prevents zombies from migrating to unpopulated areas. By setting this value to zero, zombies will no longer move from one area to another, ensuring that players can clear an area without the fear of zombies respawning in a different location.

By adjusting these two settings in the sandbox options, players can enjoy the satisfaction of clearing an area without the constant threat of zombies respawning, making the game more challenging and realistic.

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