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Ragnarok Origin Levelling Tips and Guide

Ragnarok Origin is set to release globally today, Thursday (6/4) at 10:00 AM WIB. If you want your character to level up faster and become stronger than other players, there are a few things you should do on the first day, and here we are going to give you the Ragnarok Origin Levelling Tips and Guide!

Following various levelling tips, job recommendations, and MVP guides, provided by us, is essential to avoid making mistakes during the open beta (OBT) today. Here’s a video on what you should do on the first day of the OBT.

Ragnarok Origin Levelling Tips and Guide

1. Skip Quest, Hunt Monsters Directly

After you successfully become job one, you will receive a quest to defeat monsters in the field.

There will be an NPC who provides a buff called Steamed Crab Nippers that you can use for hunting low-level monsters. The most useful effect of Steamed Crab Nippers is HP and SP regeneration.

You are also advised to buy Blue Pot rations because you will be spamming skills for early hunting. You can choose to hunt several monsters like Willow, Condor, or Savage Babe, which have low HP and can be defeated in one skill.

2. Level Up to 17 with 16,000 Exp

The goal of early hunting using the Crab Nipper buff is to prevent you from getting stuck when progressing through story quests.

3. Save Daily Commission and AFK Farming for Last

The purpose of saving daily commission and AFK farming for last is as a last resort when you are stuck and there are no more quests to complete.

As discussed in the video, if the server level during the OBT is only 30, you don’t have to worry. If you follow the American OBT server, the excess exp you get on the first day will be accumulated on the second day.

So, you can directly jump several levels when the server level increases on the second day.

4. Hunt Mini-Bosses

If you have done everything on the first day, you can hunt mini-bosses like Vocal, Toad, Eclipse, Dragon Fly, Mastering, or Steel Fur Grizzly. Mini bosses can drop headgear like the Poo Poo Hat, which is useful for PVP later.

With the right strategy, Ragnarok Origin’s open beta can be a great opportunity to level up quickly and get a head start in the game. By following the tips and recommendations provided by us, you can avoid common mistakes and optimize your gameplay from day one.

Whether you are a veteran player or a newcomer to the world of Ragnarok, the exciting new features of Ragnarok Origin are sure to provide endless hours of fun and adventure. So get ready to embark on an epic journey and discover what lies ahead in this highly anticipated MMORPG.

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