Ragnarok Origin Tier List Best Job

Ragnarok Origin Tier List Best Job

Here we are going to list out Ragnarok Origin Tier List. Ragnarok Origin is an online game that offers various Jobs or Classes to cater to different playstyles of its players. However, among these many Jobs, there are some that stand out more than others. Players need to understand that each Job has its own strengths and weaknesses.

If the Job you want to play is not included in this list, it may have other functions in the game that we have not mentioned. Because it must be acknowledged that Ragnarok Origin offers various activities that can be done together with your friends. There is also a PVP and PvE mode that certainly requires certain Jobs to be completed effectively.

In this Tier List, we will provide some classifications for each character, so you can know which content you want to delve into by playing a certain character. Disclaimer: This Tier List is subjective and solely the opinion of the writer who has experience playing this game.

Ragnarok Origin Tier List Best Job:

Tier SS:

  • Mage

Tier S:

  • Acolyte
  • Archer

Tier A:

  • Merchant
  • Mage (PvP)
  • Thief (PvP)
  • Acolyte (F2P Friendly)

Tier B:

  • Swordsman
  • Acolyte (PvP)
  • Archer (F2P Friendly)

Tier C:

  • Thief
  • Swordsman (PvP)
  • Mage (F2P Friendly)
  • Thief (F2P Friendly)

What is a Tier List:

A tier list is a ranking system used in games, particularly in video games, to assess and classify characters or items based on their overall strength and usefulness in gameplay. In the case of Ragnarok Origin, the tier list is used to rank the characters in the game according to their abilities and effectiveness in combat.

Tier List Explanation:

The tier list is usually divided into tiers, with each tier containing characters that are comparable in strength and ability. In Ragnarok Origin, the tier list is divided into five tiers, S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

The S tier list in Ragnarok Origin comprises the most powerful characters in the game, and it is highly recommended to obtain at least one S-tier character early in the game. The A tier list includes fantastic characters that serve as excellent alternatives to S-tier characters and can be used to complete content in conjunction with S-tier characters.

The B tier list contains decent characters that may not be as strong as the S or A tiers, but they are still useful as support options for A and S-tier characters. The C tier list contains characters that should be avoided if players want to clear content efficiently, while the D tier list includes characters that are not worth it!

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