Raider Six

Raider Six, New Battle Royale Released on Android and iOS!

In a recent announcement, the highly anticipated battle royale game, Raider Six, has been released on Android and iOS platforms in India. Developed by Starlight Gaming India, this game is set to take the gaming scene by storm.

Raider Six New Battle Royale Games Released on Android and iOS!

The captivating storyline of Raider Six unfolds in a world where conventional energy sources have been depleted. Fierce battles ensue as factions vie for control over Element U, a newly discovered clean energy source. Area #6 stands as the sole repository of this precious element, but it lies in ruins following a devastating bioweapon attack that unleashed the deadly Pandora Virus.

As a Raider, your mission is to plunder as much Element U as possible while fighting for your own survival. The gameplay mechanics closely resemble the classic battle royale genre, offering intense action and adrenaline-pumping encounters.

Additionally, players can ride horses, commandeer helicopters, and engage in tank warfare, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Defeating monsters rewards players with bonuses in the form of Element U. Furthermore, the game features a wide range of weapon skins available in weekly and monthly battle passes, providing ample customization options.

Currently, Raider Six is exclusively available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store in the Indian region. As for its global release, further announcements are yet to be made. However, the game has already sparked curiosity among gamers worldwide, eagerly awaiting its availability outside of India.

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