Remnant 2 Guide, How to Get Spirit Wisp Amulet and Outcast Ring?

In the treacherous world of Remnant 2, adventurers are often met with trials and dangers. Deep within the dark and eerie sewers of Losomn, you may cross paths with a pathetic wretch of a man, desperately seeking your attention.

This tormented soul warns you about a mysterious monster lurking in the depths, cautioning you to stay away, lest it sets its sights on you.

But fear is not your companion, and you refuse to back down from a challenge. Braving the dangers, you set out to hunt down this enigmatic creature and discover the powerful amulet it leaves in its wake.

What Do You Get By Finishing The Quest?

Upon defeating the monster, you are rewarded with the Spirit Wisp Amulet—a precious artifact with immense potential.

This amulet bestows upon you a significant advantage, granting a remarkable 3% Skill Cooldown Reduction each time you expend 300 Mod Power.

This unique ability applies to all your skills, enabling you to craft unconventional and formidable builds that were previously beyond your reach.

Embrace the power it offers, and your journey in Remnant 2 will be forever transformed.

What Do You Get From Offering The Amulet?

In the aftermath of your triumph, the pitiable wretch implores you to surrender the amulet, claiming it poses a dire threat to all.

In return, he offers you the Outcast Ring—a valuable item in its own right. This ring bestows a stacking reload speed buff, perfectly complementing weapons with sluggish reload times.

For those who favor gunplay-focused builds, the Outcast Ring can be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

How to Get Both Spirit Wisp Amulet and Outcast Ring?

Now comes the critical decision: should you give up the powerful Spirit Wisp Amulet for the allure of the Outcast Ring? For those who wish to have both rewards, a secret path lies ahead.

Reroll your Adventure or Campaign and embark on the Man in the Sewer event once more. During the second encounter, give the amulet to the wretched man as he pleads, and then proceed to re-roll again.

This time, stand your ground and keep the Spirit Wisp Amulet when given the choice. By taking this cunning approach, you will obtain both rewards from the event without compromise.

In Remnant 2, challenges lurk around every corner, each offering unique rewards and decisions to make. The encounter with the Man in the Sewer presents a fascinating choice between the Spirit Wisp Amulet and the Outcast Ring.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine the best course of action based on your playstyle and preferences. So, brace yourself for the trials that await, and may your adventures in Remnant 2 be filled with glory and triumph.

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