Reverse 1999

Reverse: 1999, Mobile Anime Gacha RPG Release Date

The much-awaited mobile anime gacha RPG, Reverse: 1999, is celebrating a significant milestone with over one million pre-registrations. To mark the occasion, the game has released a fresh trailer, offering a sneak peek at an intriguing new character, the quirky and inventive scientist X. Known for his peculiar yet creative “useless inventions,” X’s character brings a unique charm to the game’s diverse lineup.

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Reverse: 1999 has garnered substantial attention throughout the year, owing in part to its clever marketing strategy and visually stunning trailers, a remarkable feat in the mobile gaming landscape. While it shares some similarities with the HoYoVerse games at first glance, the game’s overall atmosphere evokes a sense of melancholy akin to that found in Arknights, creating an alluring blend of influences that promises an engaging gameplay experience.

What makes the game even more captivating are the character reveals, with the recent introduction of X being no exception. In his trailer, X exudes a carefree demeanor, barely flinching as his airship falls prey to a band of thieves, only showing a spark of concern when they threaten to pilfer his beloved coffee. It’s a classic portrayal of the eccentric, coffee-obsessed scientist archetype that adds a delightful twist to the narrative.

Despite the familiar trope, X stands out as one of the most entertaining characters unveiled from Reverse: 1999 so far. Whether it’s his striking heterochromatic eyes, the distinctive lab coat, or the exceptional voice acting, there’s something undeniably captivating about his persona amidst the ensemble cast presented by the developers.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the world of X and his adventures, mark your calendar for the highly-anticipated launch of Reverse: 1999 on October 26th.

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