Re:Zero Mobile Games with 3D Graphics

Re:Zero Mobile Games – Starting Life in Another World Witch’s re:surrection with 3D Graphics

Developer Elemental Craft has announced a new mobile adaptation game called Witch’s re:surrection, set in the world of the popular anime series Re:Zero mobile games. Unlike most mobile adaptations of anime series, this game seeks to tell a completely new story within the anime’s high fantasy world, utilising fully 3D graphics alongside traditional JRPG mechanics.

Re:Zero Mobile Games with 3D Graphics

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Re:Zero is a well-known anime series that stands out from the oversaturated isekai genre due to its phenomenal storytelling, amazingly written characters, and a great soundtrack. Although you could play Witch’s re:surrection without any prior knowledge of the anime series, it is recommended that you watch it first to fully understand the context and appreciate the new tale that the game will tell.

The game appears to have stunning open-world segments and turn-based combat, based on the only peek available. However, this is mere speculation and subject to change.

Fans of the anime series should keep an eye out for Witch’s re:surrection. If you’re interested, check out the official website to stay up-to-date on any news related to the game.

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