Roblox Has 70 Million Daily Users!

Roblox had an incredible 2023, with a whopping 70.2 million daily users in Q3 alone, marking a 20% increase from the previous year. This growth solidifies Roblox as a top entertainment and creation destination. CEO David Baszucki shared a detailed Year in Review, shedding light on the platform’s progress and future plans.

Roblox is making communication more personal with features like Chat with Voice, facial animation, and custom names for older users. Avatars are getting an upgrade too, offering more detailed customization options beyond the classic look. The platform is expanding into new territories like Meta Quest and PlayStation, attracting millions more users.

The creator community is flourishing, thanks to initiatives like the Creator Roadmap and the Roblox Assistant AI. These tools empower creators and make game development more accessible. The marketplace, offering avatar items and accessories, simplifies the process of customizing avatars and creating games.

Baszucki also highlighted Roblox’s foray into education through the Roblox Community Fund. This fund supports educational experiences like Robot Champions from FIRST Robotics, showcasing Roblox’s commitment to learning.

Notably, Baszucki discussed the increasing role of AI in Roblox’s future. The company is focusing on AI to assist creators and enhance moderation. While AI is a topic many companies shy away from, Roblox is embracing its potential. The integration of AI is expected to play a significant role in shaping Roblox in the coming years, and this is just the beginning of the conversation.

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