Secret Summer Paradise event in Genshin Impact Guide

Secret Summer Paradise Event in Genshin Impact Guide

The Secret Summer Paradise event in Genshin Impact has arrived, offering a limited-time opportunity to explore the wondrous Veluriyam Mirage.

Among the exciting quests featured in this event is “Returning Curios,” where you’ll delve into the secrets of this mystical realm by seeking out relics left behind by past visitors.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through unlocking and completing the Returning Curios World Quest, so you can make the most of this captivating adventure!

Secret Summer Paradise event in Genshin Impact Guide

Part 1: Unlocking the Returning Curios World Quest

Before embarking on the Returning Curios World Quest, you must first complete “Secret Summer Paradise: Part III – Dreams and First Encounters!” This will bring closure to the story of the Veluriyam Mirage and pave the way for your journey to uncover ancient curiosities. Once you’ve concluded the mentioned quest, Returning Curios will automatically appear in your quest menu. To begin, seek out Idyia in the Silver Bottle Courtyard and speak with her.

Part 2: Completing the Returning Curios World Quest

Once you’ve accepted the Returning Curios quest from Idyia, follow the quest navigator to the Silver Bottle Courtyard. There, you’ll discover two dining tables, and you should sit in front of the table adorned with a lantern. Doing so will spawn a Common Chest, which you must loot to proceed further.

Afterward, return to Idyia to report your progress. She’ll instruct you to head to the Choo-Choo Cart, located east of the Silver Bottle Courtyard. Board the cart to enter a cave, where you’ll encounter a Preprint puzzle.

Before attempting the puzzle, make sure to position the box correctly, as indicated in the image provided. Then, interact with the Streaming Projector to enter the Preprint world. There are no puzzles inside; simply loot the chest and exit through the door.

Upon completing the Preprint segment, continue your journey and interact with the glowing spot to unearth an Exquisite Chest. Be sure to loot it to fulfill this part of the quest’s objective. Remember, progress can’t proceed without looting the chest.

Head back to Idyia and report your progress. She’ll challenge you to obtain the final Curio. Make your way to the quest location using the eastern Teleport Waypoint. There, you’ll encounter a Hydro Eidolon.

Part 3: Confronting the Hydro Eidolons

To successfully obtain the final Curio, you must interact with and follow the Hydro Eidolon as it moves around. Pay close attention, as losing track of it will hinder your progress. After it stops moving, prompt it to return to its designated post by interacting with it.

Next, you’ll need to convince two additional Hydro Eidolons to return to their posts. Begin from the same Teleport Waypoint and head to the western quest marker. Here, you’ll find a Bloatty Floatty. Pop the three balloons using an archer to reveal the Hydro Eidolon and interact with it to complete this segment.

From the position of the second Hydro Eidolon, glide directly toward the third one at the bottom of the map or follow the quest navigator. Defeat the enemies surrounding the Hydro Eidolon, then interact with it to proceed.

Part 4: Reaching the Ferris Wheel

Follow all three Hydro Eidolons until you reach the destination in front of the “ferris wheel.” Keep them together at all times, and if one lags behind, approach it to ensure it continues moving.

Once you arrive at the top of the mountain in the Silver Bottle Courtyard, board the ferris wheel just like you did in the Event Quest. Wait for the giant lilypad to appear and step on it. As it takes you upward, face east.

Part 5: The Rewards!

After you found floating Island, immediately head east on the minimap, use the Four-Leaf Sigils to land on the top.

Interact with the glowing spot to unveil a Luxurious Chest, which you must loot to progress with the quest. Afterwards, return to Idyia to report your progress.

Regardless of your response, Idyia will direct you to the northwest of the Veluriyam Mirage, near the Teleport Waypoint.

There, you’ll find two glowing spots to interact with. One spot grants you the Mysterious Mora Pocketwatch, while the other completes the World Quest as you bury a treasure with Paimon.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Returning Curios World Quest and unraveled the mysteries of the Veluriyam Mirage.

The Secret Summer Paradise event offers captivating adventures and limited-time rewards, so make the most of this opportunity before it concludes on August 16, 2023.

Happy exploring, and may the winds of adventure guide your path.

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