Serval Light Cones Build - Honkai Star Rail

Serval Light Cones Build – Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail has already exceeded 20 million downloads, and its Serval character is a fan favorite. Serval is particularly adept at dealing damage over an extended period and inflicting shock on enemies. For a successful Serval build, players should focus on three key stats: attack, lightning damage, and energy. As such if you are still wondering, Here are Serval Light Cones Build and the best Equip for her in Honkai Star Rail HSR.

Best Serval Light Cones Build – Honkai Star Rail

Best Serval Light Cones Build - Honkai Star Rail

  1. Make the World Clamor – This is Serval’s signature Light Cone and is widely considered the best choice for her. It grants the wearer a significant energy regeneration rate at the start of every battle, as well as a powerful Ultimate damage boost.
  2. Night on the Milky Way – This Light Cone is an excellent choice against enemies with lightning weakness. It grants the user an attack buff and a further damage buff when they inflict weakness break.
  3. The Seriousness of Breakfast – This Light Cone is free to obtain and provides a damage boost and an attack buff of up to 32% when defeating enemies.
  4. Sagacity – This 3-star Light Cone provides a massive attack boost for two turns following the use of Serval’s ultimate.

The best Honkai Star Rail Serval build prioritizes attack, lightning damage, and energy stats. The Make the World Clamor Light Cone, along with the Seriousness of Breakfast and Sagacity, are the top choices for players looking to maximize Serval’s effectiveness in combat. With the right build, Serval can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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