Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Adventure, 6 New Things Before 2024!

Get ready for a thrilling celebration as Seven Knights Idle Adventure, the popular mobile game by Netmarble, hits its 100-day milestone!

No fancy jargon here – just pure excitement for the in-game festivities and additions that await players.

Created by Netmarble, Seven Knights Idle Adventure takes the success of its predecessor to new heights, offering an idle RPG experience in the vast and captivating Seven Knights universe.

Let’s dive into the exciting events happening in Seven Knights Idle Adventure:

1. 100th Day Anniversary Coupon Event (Until December 27th):

Don’t miss out on the celebration! Enter the code ‘100SEKI’ in the coupon menu to unlock a treasure trove of rewards. This event is running until December 27th, so make sure to grab your golden ticket before time runs out!

2. Special Check-In Event (Until December 27th):

Log in for seven consecutive days during this special event, and you’ll be rewarded with Seven Knights heroes, including Rudy, Dellons, Chris, Eileene, Java, Spike, and Rachel. The Winter Carnival Event also brings power-up materials like Gold and Hero EXP, along with a chance to add the Legendary Hero Weiser to your team.

3. New Heroes: Xiang Yu and Diaochan:

The celebration gets even better with the introduction of two new heroes – Xiang Yu and Diaochan. Xiang Yu, a fierce melee-type warrior, delivers critical hits that cripple enemy evasion, while Diaochan, a support-type hero, enhances allies’ hit rates and provides healing abilities. These dynamic additions will spice up your strategic gameplay.

4. Crimson Canyon – A New Adventure Zone:

Embark on a journey into the uncharted territory of Crimson Canyon, a new zone filled with challenges and rewards. Don’t miss the chance to earn the Legendary Hero Snolled through the new Snolled Challenger Pass.

5. General Goods Shop Packs:

The General Goods Shop now offers exciting new packs like the Alli Steak Pack 2, Goblin Bread Pack 2, and Carbonated Water Pack 2. These packs come with premium rubies and tempting bonuses, giving you the opportunity to enhance your in-game resources and level up your adventure in style.

Don’t miss out on the grand celebration of Seven Knights Idle Adventure’s 100-day anniversary! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, now is the perfect time to dive into a world of fantasy, strategy, and endless surprises. Keep up with the latest updates on their official website as the adventure continues to unfold.

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