Soulstone Survivors Guide

Soulstone Survivors Guide to Unlock and Get All Characters!

Soulstone Survivors needs the players to play the game a bunch of different times before they can unlock them all. Here we are going to give out some the guides on how to unlock each character in the game. For those that are looking forward to unlocking the character this is the guide to unlock and get all the characters in the game Soulstone Survivors!

Soulstone Survivors Guide How to Unlock and Get All Character:


  •  Defeat a Lord of the Void in The Scorching Valley.

Hound Master

  •  Finish a game in under 25 minutes.


  •  Defeat 10,000 enemies.

Arcane Weaver

  •  Kill 50 Lords of the Void.


  •  Eliminate 50 elite enemies.


  •  Finish Endless Cycle 3.


  •  Finish a game with all curses enabled on The Dungeon of Despair.

Death Knight

  •  Finish a game with all curses enabled on The Frozen Wasteland.


  •  Finish five maps 100%.


  •  Finish Endless Cycle 2.


  •  Finish a game with all curses enabled on The Whispering Grove.


  •  Defeat 100 Lords of the Void.


  •  Finish a game in under ten minutes.

Depending on which class or how well you navigate in the game, you might want to pick out the best class for you, not for the game itself. Hopefully this Guide will be of use for you guys, and those that are interested can download the game Soulstone Survivors now!

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