Squad Busters

Squad Busters, Supercell Newest Mobile Games is BETA Testing This Week

Supercell is excited to announce the start of another beta test for Squad Busters, following the successful test in Canada earlier this year. This time, the test is open to players from Mexico and Spain, along with Canada, and will run for seven days until May 29th. The beta is now available for Android 12 or higher devices, and Supercell will provide updates on the official release through their social media accounts. Spots in the test are limited, so make sure to follow Supercell on various platforms to secure your spot.

Based on player feedback, Supercell has introduced new features to keep matches exciting. Mods are randomly assigned at the start of each round, bringing unique variations to the game. For example, Pinata Party offers increased loot rewards, while Royal Haunt introduces ghost gangs on the map. Additionally, Double Trouble allows for larger squads, enabling players to create more chaos.

Supercell Newest Games Squad Busters Comes with Mods

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Alongside Mods, a new map called Royal World has been introduced. This visually stunning map has a castle theme and introduces new monsters. Six new characters are also available, allowing players to diversify their team compositions. Players can merge three characters they like to create a more powerful version with enhanced stats and abilities.

To enhance the gameplay experience, Supercell has made some changes. Players can now build their teams quickly and boost their team’s power by holding the turbo button. Strategic spell-casting is also possible to protect characters from enemy attacks, adding depth and strategy to battles.

Outside of battles, players can collect hammers to customize their plaza and unlock new characters by completing quests. These additional features provide avenues for progression and personalization in Squad Busters.

Overall, the new beta test of Squad Busters introduces exciting features, including Mods, a new map, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and customization options. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the beta and experience the action-packed world of Squad Busters!

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