Streamer Lost $12.000 Opening a CS:GO Capsule, Devs Pity Him

After being unsuccessful in opening a capsule that contained an expensive sticker, a streamer with the name of ohnePixel lost $11,000. The Katowice 2014 Legends EMS capsule, which has a value of $12,000 USD, could be unlocked with this streamer in CS:GO.

The limited supply and the capsule’s advanced age both contribute to the high pricing of this item. Despite the very reasonable price, a great number of people, including the ohnePixel streamer, have tried to open this capsule.

oohnePixel CS:GO Streamer Opening KATO Capsule $12.000

The video of his sticker capsule being opened was live-streamed on Twitch, and it has since become quite popular within the community of players who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the ohnePixel video, when he opened the sticker capsule, all he got was a Ninjas in Pajamas (NIP) sticker that was valued at around $300 USD.

In all honesty, ohnePixel has its sights set on purchasing a capsule that has an even greater price tag, specifically the $45,000 Titan Holo. Although it’s possible to argue that ohnePixel’s films are a loss for the city as a whole, even gaming developers are saddened by their passing.

The official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account will reply with “NT,” which stands for “Nice Try” for the effort. In CS:GO, the sticker capsule houses a variety of goods whose identities remain undisclosed.

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