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Summoners War Chronicles AFK Guide, Tips and Tricks

Summoners War Chronicles AFK guide is also available for those that are playing the game. Right now, if you are currently looking forward to play mobile MMORPG games then you are in luck, because the game offers an AFK Farming feature to help you advance the game especially overnight. Here are Summoners War Chornicles AFK Guide that you can utilize to play the game.

Summoners War Chronicles AFK guide

What is AFK Farming:

AFK Farming is a way to increase your game progress, by farming automatically in the game to gain experience points, and so on. Players can also farm items and magic cores or mystical scrolls, and crystals. AFK Farming can be use to advance the game without playing.

Where to AFK farm?

Farming monsters in the level-like scenario or hero area is suggested in the early stages of the game, depending on the availability of your server. As you advance to the second continent, Tesca, prioritize the acquisition of faint magicals, which are required for crafting, upgrading items and runes, and leveling up professions. Other AFK harvesting places include Karos dungeons, Path of Growth, TOA, Expedition, repeat requests, and more. It is best to select a place based on your requirements.

Tips for successful AFK farming:

To increase your chances of obtaining better drops, it’s important to ensure that your team doesn’t frequently die, and to select less populated areas or switch to empty channels to maximize all rewards. It is recommended to clear at least the 50 level to obtain rewards, and bosses typically respawn every 20 seconds, allowing for continuous farming.

When to Use the Manual gameplay:

If you have the ability to play the game manually, it is suggested that you do your dailies, Arena, improve your equipment, upgrade your heroes, and finish your guild requests manually. However, if you are unable to do so for whatever cause, you can use the AFK farm feature.

AFK farming is a useful strategy in Summoners War Chronicles for players to progress in the game without actively participating. With the right techniques and tips, AFK farming can aid in leveling up Summoners and monsters and obtaining better rewards.

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