Summoners War Chronicles Tier List

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List Best Monster and Reroll Guide

To help players gauge the strength of the 150 existing monsters, we have created a Summoners War Chronicles tier list ranging from S Tier to D Tier Here’s the guide.

Introducing Summoners War: Chronicles, the latest open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Com2uS. In this game, players are able to summon three monsters for battle in a vast and immersive universe.

Each monster is classified according to its element, such as Light, Water, Fire, Wind, and more, and placed in its respective tier based on its skills. Read on for the ultimate tier list in Summoners War: Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List:


  • Beast Monk (all)
  • Mermaid (all)
  • Valkyrja (Fire, Dark)
  • Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Sylph (Fire, Light)
  • Archangel (Dark)
  • Occult Girl (all)
  • Undine (all)
  • Panda Warrior (Fire)
  • Ifrit (all)
  • Jack-o’-lantern (all)
  • Chimera (all)
  • Sky Dancer (all)
  • Pirate Captain (all)
  • Pioneer (all)
  • Hyeonu Kim (Fire)
  • Vampire Hunter (all)
  • Harpy (Water, Dark)
  • Epikion Priest (all)
  • Lich (all)
  • Polar Queen (all)
  • Magic Knight (all)
  • Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Vampire (Water)
  • Desert Queen (all)
  • Monkey King (all)
  • Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark)
  • Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire)
  • Panda Warrior (Water, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Joker (all)
  • Raven (all)
  • Kobold Bomber (all)
  • Martial Cat (all)


  • Mystic Witch (Wind, Light, Dark)
  • High Elemental (all)
  • Hell Lady (all)
  • Griffon (all)
  • Oracle (all)
  • Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water)
  • Inferno (all)
  • Cow Girl (Fire, Dark)
  • Imp Champion (all)
  • Harpu (all)
  • Harg (all)
  • Harp Magician (Light)
  • Beetle Knight (all)
  • Narin Ha (Water)
  • Mi Ryeong (Wind)
  • AV (Light)


  • Fairy (Fire, Light, Dark)
  • Vivachel (all)
  • Frankenstein (Water, Light, Dark)
  • Imp (all)
  • Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark)
  • Hellhound (all)
  • Garuda (all)
  • Warbear (all)
  • Penguin Knight (all)
  • Vagabond (all)
  • Mystic Witch (Fire, Water)
  • Inugami (all)
  • Battle Mammoth (all)
  • Amazon (Fire)
  • Werewolf (all)
  • Cow Girl (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Howl (all)


  • Fairy (Water, Wind)
  • Living Armor (all)
  • Golem (all)
  • Grim Reaper (all)
  • Serpent (all)
  • Frankenstein (Fire, Wind)
  • Salamander (all)
  • Harpy (Fire, Wind, Light)
  • Charger Shark (all)
  • Mummy (all)
  • Pixie (Wind, Light)
  • Elemental (all)
  • Yeti (all)
  • Gore (all)
  • Lizardman (all)


  • Forest Keeper (all)
  • Horned Frog (all)
  • Mushroom (all)
  • Mimick (all)
  • Slime (all)
  • Sandman (all)
  • Ghost (all)
  • Low Elemental (all)
  • Maned Boar (all)
  • Monster Flower (all)
  • Skull Soldier (all)
  • Mischievous Bat (all)
  • Battle Scorpion (all)
  • Surprise Box (all)

Summoners War Chronicles Reroll Guide:

Step 1: Launch the game and sign in as a guest The first step in rerolling is to launch the game and choose “Sign in as a guest”. It’s important to note that every time you reroll, you will have to download the patch again.

To make the process smoother, we recommend using an emulator like LDplayer and its multi-instance feature. Just make sure to clone the instance before running the game so that it doesn’t bind your ID and prevent you from opening more than one instance at a time.

Step 2: Press the “Skip” button Once the patch is downloaded, press the “Skip” button in the top right corner of the screen to skip the tutorial.

Step 3: Collect pre-register rewards After skipping the tutorial, go to the main menu and check your mail to collect your pre-register rewards.

Step 4: Do the following pulls To get the best characters, you’ll want to do the following pulls:

Step 5: Bind your account If you’re satisfied with the characters you’ve gotten, go to the settings menu and bind your account to make sure you don’t lose your progress.

Step 6: Reroll If you want to reroll, press the “Close Account” text on the Account page of the settings. This will take you back to the main menu, and you can start over again.

And that’s it! Rerolling in Summoners War Chronicles is incredibly easy and quick to do, and can help you get the characters you want to progress further in the game. We hope this guide has been helpful to you!

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