Summoners War: Sky Arena tier list July 2023

Summoners War: Sky Arena tier list July 2023

Summoners War: Sky Arena tier list July 2023, the game, the pioneering mobile gacha game and flagship title from Com2US, is celebrating its impressive 9th-year anniversary. This milestone is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and its ability to outshine competitors in the long run.

With over 500 collectible monsters, an extensive selection of 20+ PvE and PvP game modes, and a thriving player community of over 10 million active players, Summoners War: Sky Arena has solidified its position as a mainstay in the gaming world.

You can experience the excitement yourself by downloading and playing this free-to-play game from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Summoners War: Sky Arena tier list July 2023


  • Masha (5-Star, Fire)
  • Josephine (5-Star, Water)
  • Cheongpung (5-Star, Wind)
  • Shizuka (5-Star, Water)
  • Woosa (5-Star, Water)

In the A-TIER, we have the following monsters:

  • Ethna (5-Star, Wind)
  • Vanessa (5-Star, Fire)
  • Nana (5-Star, Water)
  • Abellio (5-Star, Water)

And finally, the B-TIER monsters:

  • Xing Zhe (5-Star, Wind)
  • Verad (5-Star, Water)
  • Chow (5-Star, Water)

Here are some of the top-tier monsters and their key abilities:

  • Masha (Fire Beast Rider): Masha excels in PvP modes and is considered a core DPS. Her skills include decreasing the enemy’s attack speed, dealing powerful attacks, and absorbing the enemy’s attack bar.
  • Josephine (Water Paladin): Josephine is a queen of tank and spank compositions in RTA and Arena. She can stun enemies, remove beneficial effects, and provoke opponents. Her passive ability creates shields for allies.
  • Cheongpung (Wind Art Master): Cheongpung is highly useful in PvP modes as a disabler and debuffer. He can decrease the enemy’s attack and defense, strip buffs, and reset skill cooldowns.
  • Shizuka (Water Onmyouji): Shizuka has gained popularity due to recent buffs. She cleanses debuffs from allies and transfers them to enemies. She can remove beneficial effects and absorb the enemy’s attack bar.
  • Woosa (Water Pioneer): Woosa is versatile and used in various game modes. He can put enemies to sleep, deal damage based on his max HP, recover HP for allies, grant immunity, and create shields.

What is a Tier List:

A tier list refers to a ranking system that categorizes characters, items, or strategies based on their perceived strength, effectiveness, or viability within the game. Tier lists are subjective and are typically created by experienced players, community members, or experts in the game. These lists are meant to provide guidance and help players understand the relative power levels or usefulness of different elements in the game.

Typically, tier lists are organized into tiers or levels, ranging from the highest tier (often referred to as S-Tier or God-Tier) to lower tiers such as A-Tier, B-Tier, and so on. The rankings within each tier may vary and depend on factors such as overall performance, versatility, match-ups, and balance.

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