Summoners Wars Chronicles Codes

Summoners Wars Chronicles Codes – March 2023

Summoners War Chronicles is a popular mobile game that offers an immersive RPG experience where players can summon powerful monsters, build their team, and battle against other players in epic turn-based battles. As players progress through the game, they can collect various rewards and resources that can help them strengthen their monsters and progress further.  To make the gameplay even more exciting, the developers frequently release Summoners War Chronicles codes that players can redeem for exclusive in-game items and bonuses. These codes can be hard to come by, but they can greatly enhance the player’s experience and give them an edge in battles.

Summoners Wars Chronicles Codes:

  • RAIDPUSH23 – New!
  • WHITERAID – New!
  • BOSSMETUS – New!
  • HELLEA07 – New!
  • COMINGD2 – New!
  • MonsterUPUP
  • Summoners0309
  • MonsterUPUP2
  • 0TRACTOR5 
  • POWER04UP 
  • HAPPYVDAY0214 
  • AWAKEN0113 
  • 01EVOLVE12 
  • 0111YOURLD 
  • HNYEAR2023
  • HNY2023SWCH
  • HELLO2023
  • 2022XMAS
  • TRYSEAL22 
  • EGGNOG16
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING22 – Rewards: 1x Fire Scroll, 1x Water Scroll, 1x Wind Scroll
  • THANKFUL4ALL – Rewards: 20x Premium EXP Potion, 50x Chaos Essence Box, 50x Breath of Life
  • AKA03ISELIA – Rewards: Angelmon (Fire), 20x Essence of Fire
  • AKA01SHANNON – Rewards: Angelmon (Wind), 20x Essence of Wind
  • AKA02KONAMIYA – Rewards: Angelmon (Water), 20x Essence of Water
  • AKA05CHLOE – Rewards: 15k Sky Stone, 150x Breath of Life
  • AKA04NAOMI – Rewards: 100k Gold, 100x Essence of Magic

How to Use the Codes

  • Enter the game
  • Access the profile menu in the main Settings
  • Copy your CS Code profile
  • Open the official Coupon Exchange page
  • Enter the valid CS Code and redeem code
  • Select the server that matches your character’s account
  • Success in redeeming and the reward will be directly sent to your Inbox.

Summoner Wars Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles is a new game launching globally on March 9th. Players will embark on a journey to protect the kingdom against Tefo’s conspiracy and explore vast continents with over 400 types of monsters, each with unique ultimate skills.

The game offers various game modes including loot-filled dungeons, ascensions, and raids to compete against other players in the PvP battlefield. Players can also team up with friends in “Party Play” co-op mode and participate in public events.

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