Kimmy Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Best Build 2022

Kimmy Mobile Legends Build

In Mobile Legends, the build item Kimmy is actually very interesting. Because the damage release is in the form of magic damage, this hero is a marksman and mage role with numerous unique aspects such as early-game farming. With a single combo, she can kill enemies easily. Kimmy’s superiority as a team carry gets a … Read more

Bane Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Best Build 2022

Bane Mobile Legends Build

This Bane hero build can be used to dominate Mobile Legends games. Because of his reputation for being tough, strong and annoying, Bane is often a favorite pick in the game. Bane is a hero with a fighter/mage role, a well-known hero with disgusting damage, and Bane users should read this article to learn which … Read more