Sigma, New Mobile Battleroyale games like Fortnite, Here’s How to Download!

Download Sigma Battleroyale

SIGMA, a new mobile battleroyale shooter game similar to Fortnite, was recently released, and those interested in it can download it. The game was created by Studio Arm Private Limited and features a variety of features in the battle royale genre. Those interested in the game can see the gameplay below in a new colorful … Read more

Carnage Wars, Multiplayer Mobile Offline FPS – How to Download!

Download Carnage Wars

Carnage Wars, a new mobile shooter that can be played both online and offline, is now available for download. In it, people can engage in fast-paced action shooter games against AI, bots, or other players. If you are interested, the game made by Zic Zac is now available, check it out below. The multiplayer shooter … Read more