Kimmy Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Best Build 2022

Kimmy Mobile Legends Build

In Mobile Legends, the build item Kimmy is actually very interesting. Because the damage release is in the form of magic damage, this hero is a marksman and mage role with numerous unique aspects such as early-game farming. With a single combo, she can kill enemies easily. Kimmy’s superiority as a team carry gets a … Read more

Natalia Mobile Legends Bang Bang Best Build 2022!

There are numerous recommended build items or equipment for Natalia in Mobile Legends in 2022 so that you can win and earn MVP. Undoubtedly, the Assassins who utilize Natalia’s hero role have the most unique playing style compared to all other heroes. Apparently, this hero also receives a buff in the most recent patch update. … Read more

Mobile Legends New Feature, Magic Sentry Explanation

Mobile Legends Magic Sentry

In addition to balance changes, such as buffs, nerfs, and adjustments, the latest patch of Mobile Legends also includes a brand-new features ‘Magic Sentry.’ This brand-new feature can only be activated in the event that one of your turrets is destroyed. It is fair to say that this function is of great assistance to teams … Read more

No More Backdoor Strategy with The New Mobile Legends Update!

Backdoor Mobile Legends no longer possible… According to the most recent Mobile Legends patch note, backdooring is no longer possible. Those who are attempting to do this to win the game should not attempt to do it again. primarily because of the continual updates to the Mobile Legends game. Backdoor refers to the ability of … Read more