Tale of Food Reroll Guide

Tale of Food Reroll Guide

Tale of Food is a thrilling game where you play as the heir to the Food God. Your mission is to expose a dark conspiracy that your enemies have been plotting against you for a long time. To do this, you must keep peace in Kong Sang and start your journey to a new world. Here we are going to give you our Tale of Food Reroll guide that can be used to further enhance your gameplay by using the best characters possible.

Tale of Food Reroll Guide:

Achieving your desired character is a top priority when playing Tale of Food. But if you are unlucky, then you can use our Tale of Food Reroll guide here:

  • Step 1: Dive into the early stages of the game, including the tutorial.
  • Step 2: Draw a character when it becomes available.
  • Step 3: For your first summon, prioritize S-tier characters. If you didn’t get the one you desired, you can delete the game account and all data.
  • Step 4: Reinstall the game and repeat the process until you finally obtain your desired character.

By following these simple steps, you can be sure that you’ll start your Tale of Food journey with the character you have always wanted. Get ready to explore the world of Kong Sang and begin your journey as the Food God heir!

About Tale of Food:

The Tale of Food is a fantasy adventure game where players collect and nurture Food Souls while exploring time and space. With over 100 unique Food Souls, players can interact with them closely to unlock exclusive voice, stories, and letters. The game also features micro-management of a restaurant, DIY home decor, and custom battle lineups with different roles and skills. The game is fully translated into Chinese, English, and Korean with voice-overs for all characters, providing an immersive experience for players.

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