Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals Play to Earn Game Open BETA in Android and iOS!

Still excited about Play-to-Earn games? Guys, there’s a new game you can turn into a money-making opportunity which is Thetan Rivals. Thetan Rivals is a casual game developed by the same firm that created the Play-to-Earn game Thetan Arena, Wolffun Game. Thetan Rivals’ open beta was available for download on September 30, prior to the game’s global release in late 2022 or early 2023.

The primary aspect of the gameplay is the enjoyment of competing against other players and conquering a variety of difficulties to emerge victorious. The character in the game dubbed as Thenion, is a little replica of the hero from Thetan Arena previously.

NFT P2E Games Thetan Rivals Can be Played Now!

Thetan Arena

Thenion is distinct from the hero in the game but retains the tough characteristics of the Play-to-Win game. All participants will take part in a variety of game types that present unique obstacles on distinct maps. Each map is attractively embellished with a variety of bright elements to make it more engaging. In each task, players will encounter challenges such as jumping over chasms, racing to the finish line, sending bombs to other players, etc.

“Thetan Rivals” then will promote the use of the THG token and increase its value, so guaranteeing several future benefits for the community. Existing “Thetan Arena” players and newcomers alike can go on a thrilling adventure.

The Thetan Rivals project will provide the players with a new gaming experience. Users of the PC version can already access it by downloading the launcher from the official website (

A public beta version will also be made available on Google Play and TestFlight for Android and iOS users, respectively or PC by using emulator!

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