weakest marksman Mobile Legends

This is The Weakest Marksman in Mobile Legends Even After Revamp

Have you ever wondered who the weakest marksman hero in Mobile Legends is? Among the many marksman heroes in the game, there is one hero whose abilities fall below the standard. In fact, players have nicknamed this marksman hero as the weakest due to its poor performance. So, which marksman hero is the weakest in MLBB that we are talking about here?

As you may have guessed, the hero in question is Hanabi. Some time ago, Moonton revamped Hanabi significantly, but it was not enough to make her popular. In fact, the revamp was seen as a failure by many players, who started abandoning the hero even more.

Many players claim that Hanabi was much better before the revamp, especially in terms of her ultimate ability that used to stun opponents effectively. The current ultimate ability, however, lacks clarity and purpose.

Hanabi Revamp Mobile Legends Didn’t Improve Her Performance

In terms of damage, the revamp did not improve Hanabi’s performance much. Even in the late game, her damage output is not significant and can be countered easily with a certain item.

That is why Mobile Legends players consider Hanabi as the weakest marksman hero in MLBB. Miya, Layla, and Irithel are much better than Hanabi, whose damage output is barely noticeable and can be countered easily with an item.

If you are looking for a marksman hero to use in Mobile Legends, Hanabi may not be the best choice for you. There are other heroes that offer better abilities and damage output, which can help you win battles more effectively.

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