This is Why Yve is One of The Most Overpower Hero in Mobile Legends

Yve, the Mage hero, has been a popular pick in Mythical Glory ranks and even in MPL and MSC tournaments. Despite being frequently nerfed by Moonton, Yve remains a top choice for many players.

According to the Mobile Legends website, Yve holds an impressive winrate of 55.19%, ranking third among all heroes, with a popularity rate of 0.39%. Yve is known for her high damage output, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. Even with the nerfs, players continue to rely on her abilities.

How to Use Yve in Mobile Legends:

Using Yve is surprisingly easy. Simply unleash her skills in the order of her second skill, first skill, and her wide-reaching ultimate ability. Additionally, Yve’s Elite skin adds a touch of mystique to her gameplay.

This hero doesn’t require complex mechanics. Her second skill slows down enemies, and you can use her first skill to finish off weakened opponents. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of playing Yve. Many players have successfully utilized her in ranked matches. As for her build, you can stick to the usual mage items.

Try using Yve in your next Mobile Legends match, and discover the power she brings to the battlefield. Remember, mastering Yve is easier than you think.