Tier List The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden and Reroll Guide!

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden also released a bunch of different character in the game, here are the tier list of every character in the game. The Eminence in Shadow mobile games offer a mobile gacha RPG with card elements in the game.

Here is the Tier List for Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden, and its reroll guide for the mobile games.

Tier List The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden:

With Tier S as the strongest tier in The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden, and Tier D as the lowest tier, here are some of the best characters in the game. Including the reroll guide that we are going to listed below with the step-by-step guide. Check out The tier list first below:


  • Alexa Midgar,
  • Delta,
  • Claire Kagenou,
  • Shadow


  • Cid Kagenou,
  • Rose Oriana,
  • Epsilon,
  • Eta


  • Gamma,
  • Iris Midgar,
  • Rose Oriana


  • Alpha,
  • Beta,
  • Zeta


  • Shelly Barnett

Reroll Guide for The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden!

We recommend that you guys use an emulator because most emulator has a feature called Multi-players where you can clone your emulator and then use them to easily reroll and make the game account.

Interestingly enough, you can use this to easily synchronize each and every one of your inputs to easily reroll the Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden Character that you wanted. You might want to check out LDPlayer since it is currently the best and most lightweight emulator in the market [Here Download]

By using the emulator, you can open the maximum amount of emulators on your PC or laptop and then use them to reroll.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to reroll your favourite The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden:

  • You may enter the game using a guest account or your email address.
  • After finishing the Tutorial, you will be given 10 pulls for free with guaranteed SSR Character
  • Because it is still a pre-registration event, you can then Sign in to the game and receive free pulls, but this one doesn’t guarantee SSR Character
  • If you obtain the desired character, you can bind it to your email
  • Delete your game data and try again if not. Settings >The Eminence in Shadow > Clear Data.

Do note that it is much more beneficial to roll The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden right now since the game is on Pre-registration events and there is going to be free tickets and gacha that will be given for free by the developer.

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