Tingyun Best Support Honkai Star Rail

Tingyun Best Support Honkai Star Rail SS-Tier!

Tingyun Best Support Honkai Star Rail, the game has become a popular game among gamers, featuring various powerful characters including Tingyun, who is considered a tier SS or tier S support. Tingyun’s ability to add lightning attacks to other characters and numerous helpful skills make it one of the best support characters in the game. If you’re interested in using Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail, this article will explain why it is a top-tier support character.

Why Tingyun Best Support Honkai Star Rail

Here are four reasons why Tingyun is considered one of the best supports in Honkai Star Rail:

Large Damage Boost:

  • Tingyun can increase allies’ attacks with the “Soothing Melody” skill, which boosts ally attack by 25% up to a maximum of 15% of Tingyun’s current ATK.
  • This skill also provides a Bless effect on the targeted ally, adding 20% Lightning DMG to their attacks for 3 rounds.
  • Tingyun’s Ultimate “Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud” can increase friends’ DMG by 20% for 3 rounds while returning 50 Energy to the targeted ally.

Lightning DMG Increase:

Tingyun’s talent “Violet Sparknado” provides Tingyun with extra Lightning DMG, which is 30% of the blessed character’s ATK when attacking an enemy.

Energy Increase:

Tingyun’s technique “Gentle Breeze” immediately returns 50 Energy after use to any character given the damage boost.

Have the Most Stat Boosts:

  • Tingyun’s Eidolon “Windfall of Lucky Springs” increases allies’ speed by 20% for 1 round after using their Ultimate.
  • Additionally, Tingyun’s “Nourished Joviality” increases their speed by 40% for 1 round after using their skill.
  • “Knell Subdual” increases their Basic ATK DMG by 40%,
  • “Jubilant Passage” returns 5 Energy at the beginning of each turn.

With the ability to boost allies’ attacks and provide Lightning DMG, increase Energy, and offer various stat boosts, Tingyun undoubtedly stands out as one of the best support characters in Honkai Star Rail.

If you’re looking to increase your chances of winning battles and completing missions, Tingyun is an excellent choice to have on your team. With its versatility and unique skills, Tingyun is a force to be reckoned with in the game’s battlefield, making it the best support character for any Honkai Star Rail player.

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