Tower of Fantasy 3.4 Update Butterfly in Abyss with 2 New Boss

Tower of Fantasy, the popular action RPG developed by Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, is set to receive a major update in the form of version 3.4, titled Butterfly in the Abyss. With the release scheduled for later this month, players can expect exciting new features and challenges that will take their gaming experience to new heights.

Tower of Fantasy 3.4 New Areas and Bosses

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The Butterfly in the Abyss update introduces players to Forbidden County, a treacherous region filled with violent winds and icy snow. Here, they will face off against Nin Yin, the chief of the Alabaster Guards and the most powerful Darkness entity in Domain 9. Nin Yin has harnessed the power of three Darkness Crystamaxes, making her an incredibly formidable opponent.

In addition to Forbidden County, players will also venture into the frozen lakes of Hendeca County, ruled by Merbelle, another creature of Darkness. With her unique half-human and half-fish form, Merbelle can exploit the advantages of both land and water terrains. Marshville’s deeper counties prove to be a perilous journey, as players will also encounter the bat-hybrid bosses Hidewing and Rocking.

The quests in the Butterfly in the Abyss update promise to be challenging, requiring players to strategize and utilize their characters and weapons effectively. To help players prepare for the daunting battles that await them, a new gameplay mode called Field of Execution has been introduced. In this mode, players must team up and collect necessary resources to confront the Darkness. The ultimate challenge lies in defeating boss Xingtian, who will reward victorious players with valuable loot.

The main story of Tower of Fantasy also progresses with Frost-Covered Marshville Part 2. Players follow Ji Yu’s exploration of the Forbidden County as she unravels the plot orchestrated by Nin Yin and discovers the truth behind the Hendeca County Calamity. A monumental battle is on the horizon, emphasizing the importance of immediate preparation for all adventurers.

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