Tower of Fantasy Ruby Skill

Tower of Fantasy, Ruby Skill Explanation and Guide!

In the Tower of Fantasy game, Ruby and her weapon Sparky have joined the Wanderers in the Vera 2.0 global update. Ruby, the newest Simulacra SSR in the game Tower of Fantasy, here’s the skill explanation.

She is the newest character in the Tower of Fantasy games, and Ruby is the new DPS Simulacra with her weapon The Spark, aside from the Spark, there’s also Dolly that is going to accompany Ruby wherever she goes.

About Ruby:

Throughout her life, Ruby has always depended on her guardian Lin. Lin had always hoped that Ruby will become an independent woman and to become a good woman.

However, Ruby’s shy nature often covers her face with her doll when she meets the wanderer. This is what makes Lin make her weapon The Sparks.

Ruby however has a talent, that can’t be underestimated, although small, with her awesome weapon, Ruby is able to deal massive damage to her enemies.

Tower of Fantasy Ruby Skill Explanation:

The Flame DPS Spark possesses Flame Resonance and is effective in both ranged and close combat. Ruby Simulacra’s Flame Resonance makes it a must-have for Wanderers who rely on elemental Flame comp teams. Here are the skill explanation:

Normal Attack:

  • Normal Attack: Ruby’s Normal Attack consists of Spark Attack,
  • Aerial Attack (jump, attack),
  • Gotcha! (hold attack),
  • Falling Flames (jump, hold attack),
  • Imprisonment Cage (two basic attacks, one hold attack)
  • Dolly (dodge, attack).


  • Sparky Crash: Sparky Crash can slow down enemy movement and attack speed.
  • Passive: With Spark, every time Sparky deals one damage with a basic attack, the Passive Skill will give a stack of Heat Energy. With eight stacks, Wanderer will get Ultimate Heat Energy which can increase flame attack.
  • Supernova Explosion: When the weapon charge is full or when Phantasia is triggered, switching to Ruby will remove all debuffs. Sparky will change form and shoot a large flame beam continuously and give an explosion at the end of the attack. If the enemy is burned by the previous flame beam, this explosion will add additional damage to the enemy.

Hopefully Ruby can become the Simulacra that the Wanderers love and accompany you in exploring Vera to add to the fun of playing the Tower of Fantasy game!

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