Tower of Fantasy Sea

Tower of Fantasy will be Getting a New Under the Grand Sea Expansion

Hotta Studio’s action MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy, is getting a super cool new update, The Under the Grand Sea expansion will take you to a brand-new aquatic region filled with exciting new simulacra and bosses to fight. The game has been a major competitor to Genshin Impact since last summer, and this new expansion is sure to keep players hooked.

“Under the Grand Sea” is launching on March 30th, and the update will introduce a multi-layered new map with the addition of the Grand Sea Island. You’ll get to experience underwater combat and special exploration mechanics that are sure to be a blast.

Tower of Fantasy Sea Expansion Coming Soon

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The developer has also confirmed that the game update will be released on the Epic Games Store in the summer of 2023.

The expansion will also introduce a new Simulacrum named Lan, who wields an umbrella as a weapon to burn enemies and create smaller plumes that deal continuous damage. On top of that, a major enemy called the Behemoth Abyssant Haboela will be added as the game’s newest world boss, providing an exciting challenge for players.

You can play Tower of Fantasy now on PC and mobile devices. With its constant map upgrades and unique features, “Under the Grand Sea” is sure to excite players and keep the game’s success going strong. So, dive into the Grand Sea Island and get ready for an adventure like no other!

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