Twinkle Star Knights

Twinkle Star Knights, New Mobile Gacha RPG with Beautiful Anime Girls

Exona, the renowned game developer, has unveiled their latest creation for Japanese gamers, Twinkle Star Knights. Drawing inspiration from legendary classic anime series like Sailor Moon, this enchanting game takes players on a magical journey filled with adorable and captivating girls.

Twinkle Star Knights falls under the category of “bishoujo,” a term in Japanese that translates to “beautiful young girl.” Although the label may raise some eyebrows, it’s a popular genre, especially among manga enthusiasts.

Examples of this genre include the iconic Sailor Moon and the immensely popular mobile gacha game Azur Lane. These series often cater to a younger male audience and are known for their fanservice elements.

With Twinkle Star Knights, you can expect the game to fully embrace the bishoujo style, featuring a stunning all-female cast with gorgeous character designs.

Twinkle Star Knights, a New Anime Girls Gacha Game!

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Twinkle Star Knights will be exclusively available on the developer’s DMM Games service, which serves as a dedicated storefront for Japanese gamers to download various mobile games. This exclusive launch adds an element of uniqueness to the game, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

While the intricacies of the gameplay may be difficult to grasp without knowledge of the Japanese language, the trailer above provides glimpses of an arcade-style, quasi-turn-based combat system.

Prepare to lead your magical girls into battle against adorable stuffed creatures. Twinkle Star Knights effortlessly combines stylish visuals with an infectious sense of joy, ensuring a delightful gaming experience.

Twinkle Star Knights is a captivating anime-inspired RPG that takes players on a magical journey filled with adorable characters. As a bishoujo game, it embraces the beautiful young girl genre while offering a balanced approach to fanservice. With its exclusive launch on the DMM Games platform, this enchanting title is a must-play for fans of character collection RPGs.

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