Undawn Coming Soon to Mobile with Will Smith

Prepare yourself for the arrival of Undawn, the highly anticipated survival shooter game from Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios. Set to launch on June 15th for iOS and Android, Undawn promises an immersive post-apocalyptic experience filled with intense battles, strategic resource management, and the legendary guidance of actor Will Smith.

Undawn throws players into a world overrun by zombies, where they join the Raven Squad to compete against rival factions such as the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers. As you fight for territory and survival, the ever-present threat of the undead looms. Armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons, including shotguns, assault rifles, bombs, drones, and auto-turrets, players must hone their skills to overcome both zombies and rival factions in their quest for dominance.

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In Undawn, it’s not just about shooting and eliminating enemies. Survival requires careful resource management. Players must monitor their character’s mental well-being, hygiene, and other vital aspects of their existence to increase their chances of staying alive. This adds a layer of depth and realism to the gameplay, ensuring that players must be strategic not only in combat but also in taking care of their own survival needs.

Undawn will be available as a free-to-play game on the App Store and Google Play. While players can enjoy the core experience without spending a dime, the game will offer optional in-app purchases for those looking to enhance their gameplay or acquire exclusive items. This allows players to tailor their experience to their preferences and support the developers.

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