Underworld Office Guide

Underworld Office Guide

Here’s your complete guide to “Underworld Office,” a mobile game available on Android and iOS by Buff Studio Co. Ltd. This walkthrough will help you navigate all the chapters, unlock every ending, and collect album pictures and titles.


“Underworld Office” is a unique mobile game where you follow the story of Eugene, a lonely boy who gets tangled with ghosts and monsters. Let’s dive into the chapters and explore the entire story.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Eugene

In the first chapter, we meet Eugene, who struggles with loneliness and existential questions. The story begins in his room, moving through places like the subway station, flower shop, classroom, and playground. Eugene, nicknamed “Hoodie” by other kids, ends up trapped by monsters but is saved by a mysterious figure who turns out to be the boss of the Underworld Office. Eugene must now work there to repay his debt.

Key Points:

  • Locations: Eugene’s room, subway station, flower shop, classroom, playground.
  • Major Event: Eugene meets the boss and other ghosts (River, Hayden, Joan).

Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Luke

Chapter 2 introduces Luke, a classmate of Eugene suffering from nightmares about his cat. Eugene, now part of the Underworld Office, teams up with Hayden to help Luke. The chapter ends with them meeting Sean at the flower shop.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Luke’s nightmares.
  • Major Event: Teaming up with Hayden, meeting Sean.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Sean

This chapter revolves around Linda and her son Sean. Linda is haunted by dreams of losing Sean. Eugene and River work together to convince Sean to appear in his mother’s dreams, bringing her some peace.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Linda and Sean’s dreams.
  • Major Event: Convincing Sean to show his face in dreams.

Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Early Sleep

In Chapter 4, Eugene goes to sleep early to meet the ghosts. This decision leads to the loss of his guardian flower, impacting his role at the Underworld Office.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Eugene’s early sleep and its consequences.
  • Major Event: Losing the guardian flower.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Charlie

Eugene explores people’s nightmares at the station and encounters Charlie, a ghost monster. Depending on your choices, Joan may save Eugene from Charlie, affecting their relationship.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Nightmares and Charlie.
  • Major Event: Encounter with Charlie and Joan’s intervention.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough: That Man

This chapter focuses on Jack, the father of Finley and Tatum. Eugene and the boss argue while capturing Jack’s ghost wife, highlighting the tension between ghost and mortal lives.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Jack and his family.
  • Major Event: Capturing Jack’s wife.

Chapter 7 Walkthrough: Life and Death

The final chapter offers multiple endings based on your choices. You’ll decide whether to call Charlie and face Jack, leading to various outcomes.

Key Points:

  • Focus: Critical decisions affecting the ending.
  • Major Event: Confronting Jack with or without Charlie.

All Endings

Underworld Office Guide

Here are the possible endings and how to unlock them:

  1. Peace Somewhere Beyond
    • Follow the path where you don’t kill Jack and choose to disappear at the end.
  2. Ghost from the Underworld Office
    • Follow the path where you don’t kill Jack and choose to return to the office.
  3. Waiting Ending
    • Don’t kill Jack and let the boss save you.
  4. Outside the Mirror
    • Save the kids and choose not to return to the office.
  5. Monster from the Underworld Office
    • Choose to kill Jack, becoming the monster.
  6. Mortal from the Underworld Office
    • Save the kids and choose to stay at the office.

Album Pictures

Collect special moments in each chapter by making different choices. Check the timeline tab for chapters with missing pictures and replay to unlock them.

Changing The Chapter Ending or Outcome

Revisit chapters and make different choices to see new outcomes and unlock special moments.

Titles List

Unlock titles as you progress. Replay chapters and make different choices to collect all 25 titles.

Some Titles Include:

  • Intern at the Underworld Office
  • Luke’s Buddy
  • Hero
  • Joan’s Comrade
  • River’s Partner

Characters List

  • Eugene: The main character.
  • River: Helpful ghost.
  • Joan: Elderly ghost who saves Eugene.
  • Hayden: Eugene’s first friend at the office.
  • Boss: Leader of the Underworld Office.
  • Sean: Kind ghost and hard worker.
  • Linda: Sean’s mother.
  • Finley and Tatum: Jack’s kids.
  • Charlie: Ghost monster.
  • Luke: Eugene’s friend.
  • Alpha Cat: Kitty in Luke’s dream.

This guide covers everything you need to know about “Underworld Office.” Got more tips? Share them in the comments below!

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