Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile Open Private Closed Beta for Invited Players in Android

Valorant Mobile is the subject of recent developments in the mobile first-person shooter genre. Valorant is one of a few number of AAA mobile titles. As the game now has a Google Play Store page, it appears likely that Riot Games is working on making the game accessible to select players. It is assumed that Valorant Mobile’s private beta is supposedly live.

Although it appears to be on Closed Beta at the moment, we have not yet gotten an official announcement about this.

Valorant Mobile, Private Beta for Some Invited Players!

Currently, the page is not available globally. Instead, parental controls must be enabled at PEGI 7 for some reason. Then, players can utilize this URL to reach the game’s page. According to Leakers On Duty on twitter, the game beta is in development and can be accessed by some people. Those invited to participate are bound by a non-disclosure agreement, so they cannot divulge any information to the player.

The last time we saw footage of this game after its announcement was during the Chinese Beta Test, when it looked fairly spectacular. After thereafter, the game’s whole mobile gameplay was leaked, and it appeared to promise a console-like experience. It is probable that Riot is currently testing the game on a global scale. However, as no formal announcement has been made, nothing can be said with certainty.

Valorant Mobile

Since the announcement, there has been little discussion. This is all we know until either players provide additional information about the private beta or Riot Games makes an official statement, so let’s just wait!

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