Usada Pekora Face Reveal

VTuber Usada Pekora Face Reveal In Her YouTube Channel

Recently, Pekora fans were surprised by a 3D Showcase video of their beloved virtual YouTuber VTuber on YouTube. The short video showed Pekora in her human form, which was quite shocking as she’s usually depicted using her Bunny Party model, which makes VTuber Usada Pekora face reveal.

However, it turns out that the video was just a joke. In reality, a cosplayer named Chocomashu portrayed Pekora in the video. The video showed Chocomashu acting as Pekora from the opening to the poetry segment.

But, it turned out that everything was just a dream of Pekora’s, and she woke up from it. This April Fools’ joke was quite interesting, considering that Pekora is a VTuber and the entire setup was done in her streaming room or studio.

Usada Pekora Video Face Reveal

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For those who don’t know, Pekora is a rabbit-like character and one of the most popular VTubers in the world. She’s known for her cute and energetic personality, as well as her love for pranks and jokes.

Pekora has a massive fanbase not only in Japan but also worldwide. Her fans were delighted when she introduced her Bunny Party model, which became a huge hit among fans.

While the 3D Showcase video turned out to be a prank, it was still exciting to see Pekora’s human form. Her fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for them next. Pekora’s April Fools’ joke was a reminder that she is always full of surprises and that her fans should be ready for anything.

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