Honkai Star Rail

You Can Teleport by Using Toilet in Honkai Star Rail

Hoyoverse, the dev behind Honkai Star Rail, has managed to create quite a buzz among gamers with one of its unique features – toilets as teleportation gates. Yes, you read that right. Toilets are being used as teleportation gates in Honkai Star Rail, and it’s one of the game’s many achievements.

To unlock this achievement, players must find a toilet in the Support Zone, specifically in the Hertha Space Station, in the “Our Memories” quest. The interesting thing about this toilet is that it’s not just any ordinary toilet – it can teleport you to crowded places, which is quite bizarre but fascinating at the same time.

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Honkai Star Rail is the latest game from Hoyoverse, offering a new adventure for gamers. Players take on the role of explorers in this turn-based game, offering a console-like gameplay experience on mobile devices. In addition to the toilet teleportation gates, the game features other unusual and intriguing elements that have garnered attention from the gaming community.

Hoyoverse has made a name for itself by developing games with unusual and intriguing features, making its games stand out from the crowd. As gaming continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what innovative features Hoyoverse will come up with next.

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