5 Best Android Games Similar to Fall Guys Mobile 2022!

Fall Guys is undoubtedly one of the most interesting games since the pandemic. The game is so much fun and is interestingly one of the best party games currently. If you are looking forward to the said Fall Guys Mobile that are coming soon. Then you might want to check out some of these android games similar to Fall Guys Mobile! Check it out!

Best Android Games Similar to Fall Guys Mobile 2022!

1. Hurry Scurry

Hurry Scurry is a party game in which you are tasked with participating in a gigantic race with incredibly enormous runners, terrible obstacles, wacky settings, and a heaping amount of cartoon madness.

Your character may not be built like an athlete, but if you can manoeuvre your impressive bulk around the obstacles, barge your equally outsized competitors out of the way, and be the first to bumble your way across the finish line, you can get your extra pounds on the podium and be a big race champion in this hilarious, addictive, and surprisingly difficult running game.

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2. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game in which up to 32 people compete online to battle through rounds of rising mayhem until only one victor survives! If you fall, simply restart and run. Join the never-ending running fun!

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3. Star

S.T.A.R. – Super Tricky Amazing Run is a game with a lot of stages and insane obstacles! In this spectacular Battle Royale Run Race, follow in the footsteps of a true champion! Crazy traps, dangerous opponents, and even simple physics rules stand in your way!

Become the ultimate champion! Complete the obstacle course quicker than your opponents to reach the conclusion of this chaotic arena full of run racing fun! Each round is unique, and new tasks are more difficult than the previous ones! Don’t tumble during the speedrun!

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4. King’s Party

King’s Party is a game where you can Join the party of humorous mini-games with your pals and become the King of Game’s Party. If you win, you will be crowned King. The game is a massively multiplayer party knockout game that consists of a succession of difficult minigames. Play with your pals and conquer minigames to achieve the highest rating in the room and win.

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5. Fall.io – Race of Dino

Fall.io is a game in which you must compete in a thrilling race against 50 other players to become the greatest Dino in the arena. Do you appreciate playing long-lasting running games and racing against other players? It’s fantastic that you’re familiar with our game. It will give you the sensation of being in a genuine race. You will be drawn to a fun and hard game here. Fight by transforming into dinosaurs. Help your Dino avoid falling and become the last one standing in this exciting arena.

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There you have it, the list above are some of the best party knock out games that are similar to Fall Guys on mobile. If you are interested in other similar games, you can watch this video below for more information.

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