Download Pojav Launcher

Download Pojav Launcher, A Minecraft Java Launcher to Play on Android

Pojav Launcher is a launcher app that helps run the Java version of the popular game Minecraft that is available to download on Android devices. Previously, only the mobile version of Minecraft, known as Minecraft Bedrock Edition, could be played on Android devices. However, with the help of Pojav Launcher, players can now play the original Java Edition on their devices.

The Java Edition has features and content that are not available on the Bedrock Edition. For example, players can customize their own skins, download and play community mods, and access a number of other cool features that are not available on the Bedrock Edition.

Download Pojav Launcher

In addition to these added features, Pojav Launcher also allows players to launch different versions of Minecraft, giving them complete control over their sandbox experience. For instance, one Reddit user reported that they were able to run version 1.7.3 of Minecraft using the Pojav Launcher. This opens the door to playing modded Minecraft on your phone, using mod loaders such as Forge, Fabric, and Optifine.

The possibilities for what you can now do on Minecraft on your phone are endless thanks to Pojav Launcher. The app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store and is a must-have for any Minecraft fan who wants to enjoy the full Java Edition experience on their mobile device.

Download Pojav Launcher:

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