Gorilla Tag Ghost List

Gorilla Tag Ghosts List

Welcome to our guide about the supposed ghosts of Gorilla Tag. In this popular game, players navigate maps using their arms and attempt to catch or avoid other players. We have delved into the topic of Gorilla Tag ghosts list of alleged phantoms that haunt the game’s maps.

It’s important to note that none of these stories has been verified, and the game’s developers have not officially acknowledged the presence of spectral apes in the game. Nevertheless, we enjoy a good ghost story. Gorilla Tag is a fun and straightforward VR experience with simple, low-poly graphics that can give some players a spooky sensation.

Gorilla Tag Ghost List:

  • Banshee is said to appear in the “Banshee” seed when there are more than seven players active. This ghostly ape allegedly stares at players and causes their screens to flicker when eye contact is held for too long.
  • Daisy09 gets its name from the distinctive noise it emits. This mysterious ghostly player is said to appear and play a distorted version of the song “Daisy Bell.”
  • PBBV is one of the most infamous Gorilla Tag ghost stories. This salmon-coloured gorilla is rumoured to spawn on the bridge in the forest map and speak in a deep, raspy voice.

About Gorilla Tag:

Are you curious about Gorilla Tag? This is a multiplayer PVP game designed by Another Axiom specifically for VR devices. In the game, you play as a gorilla with powerful climbing abilities.

However, you don’t have any legs, so you’ll need to use your arms to navigate the game’s maps. While there are several modes available, the core mechanic of the game involves chasing or being chased around maps that often include tunnels or climbing areas.

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