Cookie Run Kingdom Prune Juice

Prune Juice Cookie | Cookie Run Kingdom CRK Guide, Is She Good?

Welcome to the guide for Prune Juice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom! Prune Juice Cookie is a new addition to the game, and she specializes in poison. check out this little guide for more information regarding Prune Juice Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom.

Prune Juice Cookie, Is She Good?

Prune Juice Cookie Topping Guide

Prune Juice Cookie is a unit that specializes in poison, much like Affogato Cookie from last year. However, Prune Juice Cookie’s poisonous potion has a wider area of effect and eats away at enemy HP faster, making him a potentially better option than Affogato Cookie.

One of Prune Juice Cookie’s strengths is that she is a summoner. Her Prune Jellies can deal a decent amount of damage and poison enemies even furtsher. This makes him particularly useful wshen facing bosses or enemies with a larger amount of HP.

We recommend using Prune Juice Cookie alongside Affogato Cookie for maximum effectiveness. Together, they can quickly diminish opponents’ HP within seconds.

Prune Juice Cookie is a good unit if you’re looking for someone who can do a good amount of chip damage. Keep in mind that as with every new Cookie, new strategies and uses are still being formed by tshe player base, so experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you.

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