Summoners War Chronicles One Punch Man Collabs

Summoners War Chronicles One Punch Man Collabs

Summoners War Chronicles One Punch Man Collabs, Com2suS has just announced its latest collaboration event with the popular anime/manga, One Punch Man, for the game Summoners War: Chronicles. The event is set to be released in two weeks, on April 27th. However, there is no information yet on how long the event will last.

In this event, One Punch Man will make an appearance, as confirmed by a trailer released by Com2suS on the official Summoners War: Chronicles YouTube channel. The 30-second trailer doesn’t give much information about the event, but other characters such as Fubuki and Genos are also seen getting ready to take action.

Summoners War Chronicles One Punch Man

The official tagline for the event is “Serious Series: Serious Collab,” as revealed at the end of the trailer. The official Summoners War: Chronicles Twitter account also revealed that Elite characters from One-Punch Man will appear as Monsters in the game.

It is certainly exciting to see how the world of One Punch Man will interact with this game. However, for now, we’ll have to wait until April 27th to find out more. Summoners War: Chronicles itself is a game that is a direct follow-up to the previous game, Summoners War: Sky Arena.

In this game, players can choose from several characters to play in the campaign, which follows the storyline of the previous game. The story itself focuses on fighting against the darkness that seeps through the Rift of Worlds. For those interested, you can download Summoners War: Chronicles on Google Play, iOS App Store, and PC by using Steam.

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