Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List  – In the world of Toilet Tower Defense, understanding the tier list is crucial for building a winning strategy. Here’s a straightforward breakdown of the units based on their effectiveness:

Updates December 2023

Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

S Tier: Overpowered (OP)

  • Upgraded Titan Cinemaman
  • Corrupted Cameraman
  • Spider TV
  • Engineer Cameraman
  • Jetpack Cameraman
  • Ninja Cameraman
  • Laser Cameraman Car
  • Scientist Cameraman

A Tier: Meta

  • Titan Cinemaman
  • Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Upgraded Titan Cameraman
  • Camera Helicopter
  • TV Woman
  • Dark Speakerman
  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Mech Cameraman
  • Secret Agent

B Tier: Useful

  • Titan TV Man
  • Camera Spider
  • Speaker Spider
  • Titan Cameraman
  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Titan Speakerman
  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Large TV Man
  • Large Speakerman

C Tier: Decent

  • Large Cameraman
  • Surveillance Camerawoman
  • TV Man
  • Cameraman
  • Car Speakerman

D Tier: Bad

  • Speaker Helicopter
  • Speakerman (No longer obtainable)
  • Camerawoman

Understanding the tier list helps you make informed decisions when choosing units in Toilet Tower Defense. Whether you’re aiming for overpowering options or opting for a more budget-friendly strategy, this tier list is your go-to guide for success in the game.

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