Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Collabs with Among Us!

Poncle just dropped a fresh update for Vampire Survivors, and it’s bringing another cool game into this spooky casual title. They’re calling it Emergency Meeting, and it’s adding crewmates from Among Us to PC and Xbox on December 18th. If you’re on Nintendo Switch or mobile, sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit, but it’s coming your way soon.

The Survivors are on a mission to find vampires, but these bloodsuckers don’t have many places to hide. Now, you can team up with your buddies and play some classic Among Us in Vampire Survivors. There are crazy weapons and power-ups to upgrade, making each run a blast. Get ready for chaos in space with the Polus Replica level.

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All your tasks can turn into powerful weapons to defend against Impostors, Shapeshifters, and other weird creatures. There are 15 weapons to unlock, like the Report gun that shoots massive soundwaves or the Lucky Swipe that cuts through anything. Plus, there’s Just Vent and Mini Crewmates for task-based weapons.

In this update, you’ll explore the Polus Replica, a place similar to the original Polus. Survivors and Crewmates can roam through quirky biomes filled with weird stuff and treasure chests. But watch out for space dwellers, aliens, robots, and even ducks out to get you.

This update is all about expecting the unexpected. You can grab the patch after December 18th by downloading Vampire Survivors from Android, iOS and PC!

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